Trad Callers

Trad Callers
Photo by Doug Plummer

Trad Callers is a discussion list with wide-ranging interests. We welcome callers from any interested in community dances, dancing for children, one-night stands, traditional squares, and other forms outside the contra dance and ECD realm. 

This list is great for anyone interested in calling at:

  • Dances in elementary and secondary schools or settings with young dancers
  • Barn dances, community dances, and family dances
  • Dance parties: Birthdays, weddings, father/daughter, any kind of dance for non-dancers
  • Square dances: new trad-style squares, singing squares, modern western from the ‘50s, Appalachian, etc. —>  Special Note: This list was started to focus on squares and there are lots of traditional and MWSD callers on the list!
  • Dances from other traditions (e.g., ceilidh dances)

We discuss a wide variety of topics including:

  • Dance Leadership: Advice, ‘cheap tricks’, encouragement and feedback
  • Dances: Concepts and choreography
  • Dances: Ideas for programs that will work specific kinds of dancers/non-dancers
  • Tools and Techniques: Dealing with challenging situations
  • Music: Working with musicians; working with recordings
  • Business Matters: Billing, contracts and dealing with the folks who hire you
  • Identification of Dances: Name and author questions
  • Anecdotes: Can you believe this happened?
  • Dance history
  • Friendly, Slightly Off-Topic Conversation

-Ridge Kennedy, list founder


From Ridge Kennedy (list founder): The list was started about 20 years ago, being  hosted on servers at Youngstown State University where the Modern Western Square Dance callers list was hosted. It was promoted to that group and has always had a fair number of members from the MWSD community. The list moved to YahooGroups some years later, to allow more administrative control. 

This list was created to connect callers from different backgrounds together.  Originally, we wanted to connect modern contra callers with old time square dance callers.  As the list grew and morphed, it became a kind of all-purpose resource for any kind of participatory dance.  In recent years, the focus has been on leadership skills and material for community dances; dance parties, ceilidh dances and similar dances where participants have little or no dance experience. The list members also have a wealth of experience with four-couple square dances, and other dances in “other” formations.

The list moderator (manager) is: Ridge Kennedy

The current list champions are: Claire Takemori, Sue Hulsether, Tony Parkes, Bob Dalsemer, Leslie Gotfrit, Amy Cann, Colin Hume, Karen Dunnam, Diane Silver, and Emily Addison.

List champions actively support the list by promoting its existence and encouraging conversation. If you would like to become a list champion, reach out to Chris and Seth.

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