For those interested in organizing any form of traditional social dance (e.g., Appalachian squares; contra; barn dances; ceili and more).

For anyone interested in playing music for any form of traditional social dance (e.g., family dances; ECD; Balfolk and more). 

For those interested in organizing traditional song events (e.g., song circles; pub sings; or organizing traditional song in schools).

This list is for discussion of all aspects of modern and historical English Country Dance and its related forms.

For anyone interested in doing sound for traditional song, dance and concert events.

For those interested in calling for school-aged children, barn dances, traditional square dance (in its various forms), one night stands and more.

For those interested in wanting to discuss contra dance calling!

This space is for discussion of traditional dance changed for virtual spaces or distanced choreography during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Growing up Trad! is for caregiving adults who love traditional dance, music and song.  The focus of our conversation is around nurturing these traditions within our families and in particular with the children in our care.

This list is for anyone interested in exploring positional calling within any form of traditional dance. Our goal is to support each other by discussing topics of interest to callers specifically in relation to positional calling.