About Shared Weight

Shared weight is a set of listservs (i.e., group email lists) designed to bring together individuals who are passionate about particular topics relating to traditional dance, music, and/or song.  Members of a listserv can ask questions of their group as well as share ideas, discuss topics, and provide encouragement.  It’s very easy join one of the lists – you simply sign up with your email address.

Our Vision is to increase the vitality of the traditional dance, music, and song community in North America!

Our Mission is to provide an accessible non-corporate online platform that hosts communities of traditional dance, music and song organizers and performers with the goal of supporting each other across geographical boundaries.

The Shared Weight lists were founded by leaders within the realm of traditional dance, music, and song.  In 2019, the lists came together under one umbrella to support each other and strengthen all of the lists. Read this article in the CDSS News (Winter 2019/2020 issue) to learn even more about Shared Weight and the 2019 renewal.

How We've Grown